Wednesday, October 13, 2010

FLY HIGH 2010 : SIRI 3


Come people!

Spread the words to people around you.

A pre-departure program for students bounded to Australia/New Zealand!

What is going to be done in this program?

InsyaAllah, 2 questions above (and, many more) will be answered by thespeakers invited!

*Who are the speakers?

We will not announce it here, but we can just give you the clue.
One of them owned this -- 'Erti Hidup Pada Memberi'

...More information about Fly High 2010 will be updated soon, insyaAllah! So, stick with us!.....

Fly High to reach the Sky High!


Here are testimonials from our previous participants,

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Visit our official website for updated information.....

Don't Just Jump, Fly High!

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